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E-Cig Starter Kits
Are you new to e cigarettes? Try our beginner kits to get familiar with our products.
• Choose one of our selected kits that suits you best.
• Every kit has more than one charging option and rechargeable batteries.
• Includes flavour cartridges.
• Cigarette batteries can be charged on the go.

E-Cigarette Cartridges
• Have adjustable nicotine levels to suit different consumers
• One cartridge can last for 250 puffs
• Have no smoke and no smell
• Give the same sensation as that obtained from traditional cigarettes

Why We Are the Best E-Cigs UK Suppliers
The major reason why we are the best suppliers is because of the products we offer. Our cigarettes are:
• Free from tar, tobacco and carcinogens which are likely to cause cancer and pose other risks to your health.
• Smoke-free, ash-free and odour-free.
• More than 50% cheaper than traditional tobacco cigarettes.
• Reusable and rechargeable. We also have e cigs which can be disposed.
• Less prone to risks associated with second hand smoking.
• You are free to smoke anywhere as opposed to traditional cigarettes which can only be smoked in restricted areas. Smoking e-cigs is more socially acceptable in UK.

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Our e cigs come in stylish and durable packages. These packages make it easy for e-cig users to carry the products around and also charge the cig batteries efficiently. You can also choose from the wide range of package colours that we offer.

Our flavour cartridges are rich and intense including minimum ingredients with nicotine where applicable. These flavours have great vapour volume and each cartridge has about 250 puffs.

We are proud of offering total customer satisfaction by giving our online visitors the freedom to choose from a wide variety of e cigarette brands. Our customer service is available 24 hours through phone or email. We provide warranty for all the electronic cigarettes we provide.

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